Oh, Little Rabbit

The home is where the heart is, so why not fill it with unique home decor items that you love.  At Oh Little Rabbit, we understand that filling your home with personalized home decor items is the perfect way to make your house a home.

Founded in 2010 by Jason and Cara Hibbs, Oh Little Rabbit began as a creative outlet that quickly grew into a full operation.  Eco Friendly and created to reflect the personal passions of its creators, our product line is full of unique home decor items including handmade textiles, personalized napkins, personalized towels, personalized onesies and much more!

Utilizing organic and recycled materials whenever possible, our product line of personalized home decor is the perfect marriage of art and practicality.  Each item is handmade and utilizes nontoxic water based ink, so you never have to worry.  

Designed with TLC every item in our shop is unique we sell unique home decor

  • Personalized onesies,

  • Personalized napkins

  • Personalized towels

  • And More!

Add some charm to your home with our line of personalized napkins, personalized towels and unique onesies.  To get your personalized home decor, contact us today!

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